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Are you interested in Parallel realities and exploring our Quantum Universe? Do you seek to be able to consciously jump from TimeLine to TimeLine with graceful effort?

If so, we are excited to announce our StarCodes Workshop on Time Line Jumping and exploring the Quantum Universe. This Workshop on February 13th 2020 will give you all the tools, empowerments and access to become a TimeLine Jumper and access the reality of your choosing.

In this workshop we will be exploring


* The foundations of Time & Space according to the Galactics
* The Lyran, Pleiadian & Arcturian messages of Time Line Jumping
* Tools and Techniques to apply in your life right now to shift

* Access Guided Meditation to shift these frequencies in your life

This will be a powerful, experienced based workshop led by Flo Karuna, creator of the Pleiadian Oracle Deck & The Ascended Masters Group Oracle - Masters of Light. He has been star channel for the past 10 years and is here to assist many starseeds on their evolutionary path to enter multi-dimensional states of consciousness. This will be a workshop you won't want to miss that may alter your entire life.


Date & Time - February 13th 2021 @12:00pm PST 

Cost - $55.55USD purchase - please click ACCESS NOW below!



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