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  1. Connect with Spirit Guides and Allies

    • List all your spirit guides and allies. (animals, teachers, earth spirits, cosmic guides) Even if you don't have a personal relationship with them, write down all your allies. This list gets us thinking of OUR TEAM, and becoming aware of them, allows for us to call them forth in Ceremony. As you write them down, give gratitude silently (or out loud) for either their presence in the universe or personal support. Begin to develop a relationship with your team.

  2. Get Outdoors

    • Commit to a location in your area and surroundings to connect with Pachamama daily. Engage in the practice from our meditation to communicate to the Earth, and form a deeper relationship with her. Communicate internally or out loud to the planet and request to be connected to her living intelligence and receive it.  

      Know that YOU are a tool of receiving and genius. Honor the alive universe within yourself and sit with her frequency. Listen to her sounds and allow the body to harmonize to her rhythm. 


    • Open your throat and send song, light codes or a vocal prayer to the planet. Begin a communication with her, for what you put out you recieve. Communication outside leads to communication returned. Honor the intelligence and see all as ALIVE.

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