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  1. Study Your Spirit Animal
    After completing the shamanic journey, start researching the animal or animals you encountered. Look into their sleep patterns, food sources, environments, and other characteristics. Consider watching YouTube documentaries to deepen your understanding and build a relationship with your spirit animal. Dedicate a week to fully connecting with your animal.


  2. Ceremonial Connection
    Create a ceremonial space by lighting a candle and arranging crystals or sacred artifacts near your meditation spot. Play peaceful, relaxing music. Begin communicating with your spirit animal or revisit your shamanic journey. Ask your animal questions about their connection with you. Inquire why they are working with you and what lessons they have to offer.

    Note: I will be creating a guided meditation for this process to assist you in the following days.

3. Join Our WhatsApp Cosmic Earth Group
To foster community we are starting our Cosmic Earth Group on WhatsApp, where we can all communicate and share our experiences. In the next few days, I will be assigning partners so we can begin practicing the exercises together.

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