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  1. Become Naval Center Centric! Keep your focus on this magnet of your being. The Yogis have defied aging by focusing on the naval point, as it influences and regulates pranic life force. Attempt to concentrate your energy on this region while not closing off to other regions.

  2. Visualize a crystalline-coated etheric cord from your naval (belly button) and connect it with natural aspects of Earth. Feel an energy exchange between you and these aspects of creation, and take note of what is transpiring in your being.

    For example, you can connect your crystalline-coated cord to an ancient tree, the moon, the sun, etc. Use your wisdom to guide this appropriately.


  3. Lie on the natural earth with your belly to Pachamama. Allow her to recharge your nervous system through the naval, and also explore connecting to aspects of the inner earth.


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