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Entering multi-dimensional consciousness is closely connected to the tree archetype and involves being open to the three realms of shamanism or alternate levels of dimensional awareness. The process of multi-dimensionality is to be open simultaneously to all realms instead of accessing them one at a time. Contemplate and journal on the following questions to strengthen your relationship to the realms:

1. What is my relationship to each realm? (lower, middle, upper)
2. Which realm requires more of my integration?

Make a commitment to explore and journey into the realms that your human/soul most needs to integrate with and strengthen your tree of life.

Exercise 2

Open yourself to the sacred trees in your area that capture your attention. Sit with these trees in meditation and connect deeper to the living library of all that is. 

Exercise 3

1. Go barefoot on grass or natural earth.
2. Place your feet comfortably shoulder-distance apart.
3. Extend your hands upwards with shoulders 3-5 inches away from your ears, and palms open inward to the sky.
4. Feel your rootedness to the earth, while simultaneously feeling your human and heavenly consciousness. Feel all these aspects of yourself at the same time. Allow the energies to do their magic!

(it may look kind of like this photo but with feet more spread apart, and palms angled inwards.)












Exercise 4

1. Communicate with your crystals (meditation in video at 24:50 minute mark).
2. Ask your crystals how they want to be used in your life.
3. What is their purpose?
4. What is their story?

Take note.

This week, I'm asking for a commitment to these exercises as they will greatly assist in what you will receive energetically next week!

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