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Utilizing Stones to access the Ley Lines & Sacred Sites

Meditate with a crystal that intuitively catches your attention. Turn on relaxing meditatitve music (if necessary) and begin to establish an energy relationship by feeling the frequency of the crystal / stone. Once this has been established, ask your crystal to reveal your power points on Earth, either identifying locations that hold significance to your soul or specific places you must journey to in this lifetime. Take notes and share either in email or whatsapp group.

Lemuria Receiving Exercise

Place your feet on the ground and focus on the center of the soles of your feet. Become aware of this area like a suction cup that can pull and receive energy from the Earth. Allow this current to enter and flow into your body. Once a steady stream of energy is established, set an intention for how you want this energy to work through you. Examples can include rejuvenating your body, upgrading your nervous system, opening yourself to multi-dimensional awareness, or understanding the teachings of the land. There are infinite intentions one can set, but it is clear that this potent life force energy adheres to our intentions and serves them with high levels of intelligence. Perhaps contemplate an intention tailored to your life/soul path beforehand, so you can enter with ease and grace.

Infinite Love & Blessings,
Flo Karuna






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