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Build More Medicine / Crystal Grids

Attempt to build more medicine wheels in your local surroundings and when you do it this time, sit and meditate with the structure and attempt to feel the energy of how the crystals work all together.  Use your tools of inner vision, sensitivity with your hands etc. to spend time with the medicine wheel and understand it from a deeper perspective.


Becoming sensitive to this, allows us to trace the ley lines on Gaia in the larger context.

Connect with the Whales

Make this a week of connecting to the Guardians of Gaia in the Sacred Whales. Our group in particular have a deep resonance to the whale frequency, and we suggest listening to these sounds in meditation before bed for 15 minute or through the night (link below), so the whales can connect with you in the dreamtime space. Set the intention to connect with the Whales in dreamtime before sleep.


Infinite Love & Blessings,
Flo Karuna

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