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& New Earth Tours

Experience the Magic with
our Wild Dolphin Retreats 

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Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey in the enchanting waters of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where the majestic wild dolphins await to be your guides back to our true frequency. Our 3-day Wild Dolphin Retreats on November 1st, 2nd & 3rd are more than just a retreat; they are a deep adventure into the heart of the ocean magic and our connection with the Dolphin Family!

Experience the Extraordinary:

Swim with Wild Dolphins: Dive into the crystal-clear waters and swim alongside these enchanting creatures. Feel the thrill of connecting with dolphins in their natural world, an experience that promises to be as moving as it is memorable.

Journey Beyond Communication: Explore the intuitive art of animal communication. Learn to listen and speak to the dolphins and other animal life, discovering messages of interspecies connection.

Starseed Revelations: Immerse yourself in the profound messages of the ocean and sacred sites, embarking on a journey to unlock your starseed origins. Experience daily channels from our guide, Flo Karuna, as you navigate the depths of cosmic wisdom and connection."

Celebrate Your Inner Child: The dolphins invite you to play, to laugh, and to remember the pure joy of being. In their presence, you'll find the freedom to release your inner child, embracing spontaneity, wonder, and unbridled happiness. 

Supporting the WILD

Unlike encounters with captive animals, swimming with wild dolphins allows us to meet these intelligent beings on their terms, in their world. This respectful approach honors their autonomy and supports their well-being, offering a connection that is both ethical and deeply moving.


The dolphins we meet are not trained performers but wild, free spirits of the ocean. This means every interaction is genuine, every play is spontaneous, and every moment is a gift of their free will—a truly authentic experience.

Dive Deep into Your Soul



(more facilitators to be announced)

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Flo Karuna

Flo Karuna is a Starseed, Planetary guardian and your host for the Wild Dolphins Retreat. Flo is the founder of Star Codes and has dedicated his life to spirituality and the empowerment of others.  He is an Animal Communicator and messenger for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, whom travelled the world engaging in grid work, planetary service and working with sacred sites. Flo is the creator of the Pleiadian & Lyran Oracle Deck, upcoming Arcturian Oracle and Masters of Light Board-Game, as well as the Upcoming Book Mermaids of Atlantis. He runs the instagram page StarSeed Codes, with over 100,000 members.

His approach is always to guide to your own Master within and let compassion lead the way.

Water Drops



Opening Ceremony
4 Hour Boat Tour & Swimming with Wild Dolphins & Whale Watching
Snorkeling to Oceanic Sacred Site 
Animal Communication 
Chill Out & Dinner



4 Hour Boat Tour & Swimming with Wild Dolphins & Whale Watching
Free Time
Lemuria - Sirius Past Life Regression

Mermaid Activations & Quantum Cermonies



4 Hour Dolphin & Swimming with Wild Dolphins & Whale Watching
Beach Adventure
Closing Ceremony & 
Sound Journey
Group Dinner

$1555 per person

Limited spots available for intimacy

Early bird price raises to $1888 - March 21st 2024


Memories & Testimonials from February Retreat

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About Section




Feel the embrace of the Pacific ocean and learn from our Dolphin Family in this incredible New Earth retreat immersion into the Dolphins, Whales and the ways of the Ocean.


3 days of full dolphin immersion swimming with Wild Dolphins. Teachings into Sirius & Lemuria. Visits to Sacred Sites, Beach Adventures and reconnecting to your Mermaid / Merman memories. A inter-species retreat to expand, open your heart, and learn the wisdom of the oceans brought to you by Star Codes & New Earth Tours!







November 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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A tourist destination town offering access to quaint beachside villages, enchanting spots, and situated in a bay where dolphins play, mermaids have been spotted and whales journey each Winter to give birth! This is an Oceanic Entrance to the magic of the Ocean.


What's Included

- All Dolphin Adventures, 




What are the dates of the retreat?

The Wild Dolphins Retreat will be held November 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

We suggest arriving the day before in case there are any travel delays and so that you have time to get situated. Guests are welcome to add days before and/or after the retreat to enjoy exploring this beautiful part of the world.

Are Flights Included?

  • Flights are not included in the conference pricing. Guests are responsible for booking their own flight to and from the retreat.

  • You can fly into Puerto Vallarta (PVR) airport that has very affordable access from most of North America.

Is Lodging & Food Included?

Lodging and Food is not included and guests are responsible for booking their own accommodations. However we will be paying for Dinner on Day 3. It is recommended that guests stay if possible near the Marina area of Puerto Vallarta, where most of our launches into the ocean will occur!  The closest hotel to the Dolphin Launch is Westin Hotel Puerto Vallarta.

Do you have to know how to swim?

While swimming skills aren't required, you should be comfortable in the water as we will spend a lot of time in the Ocean. All guests will receive life vests and snorkelling goggles for each daily Wild Dolphin Swim!


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