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 The worlds of Sirius are inviting your soul to the wisdom of the Oceanic Mystery School.

In ancient times, humanity lived in oneness with the ocean and the underwater worlds.

Within these realms lie the secrets of Mother Earth, Star Systems, and our fullest human potential.

Join us on a 6-week journey into the Oceanic Mystery School, culminating in a Whales & Dolphins Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Course Journey - Starts October 24th

Week #1 - Water Codes. The Ocean wisdom of MU (Lemuria) & The Power of Sirius.

Week #2 - The Energy of the Dolphin & Whales & Oceanic Star Gate Portals

Week #3 - Mermaids, Mermen & The Sirius Portal

Week #4 - Mintanka & The Orion. Galactic Transmissions of Water.

Week #5 - The Oceanic Sacred Sites of Earth. The Sirius Egypt Connection.

Week #6 - Ocean Gods & Water Intitiation

On December 1st - 4th - We will conclude with our Wild Dolphins & Whales Retreat in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

An incredible life changing experience to swim with Dolphins for 3 days in a row + explore sacred sites on the Pacific Coast of Mexico!

This course is for you if you seek to understand the Sirius Star System, unlock Lemurian & Oceanic Memories, bond with the Whales & Dolphins and live your fullest potential as a Planetary Guardian!

All courses will be live on Zoom and available for replay

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Join us online for our 6 week Sirius Course with unlimited replays


(or 2 payments of $277)

Join us online for our 6 week Sirius Course with unlimited replays


4 day wild dolphins & whales retreat in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!


(or 4 payments of $555)

Join us online for our 6 week Sirius Course with unlimited replays


(Or 4 payments of $472)




Flo Karuna is the founder of Star Codes, IG page StarSeed.Codes and a cosmic ambassador for sacred knowledge. He has travelled the 4 corners of earth visiting Sacred Sites and obtaining transmissions in many locations from Canada to Tibet.


Gifted with ability to sense the subtle spiritual realms and communicate from a soul level, he has been anchored onto planet earth to serve as your guide, friend, and activator to the sacred codes and mastery you hold within yourself and in our planet.  He has been referred to as a channel for Earth Consciousness and is passionate about sharing the new offerings that Unify the planet for the next 7 generations and beyond.

He is the creator of the. Pleiadian Oracle Deck, Lyran Oracle Deck, Masters of Light Ascended Group Board-game & the 7 Starseed Activation course on

His life has been dedicated to empowering others, the Teachings of Mother Earth, and connecting others to the Galactic Realms.

Mermaid Mahalia is the Scientist, Inventor, Teacher, Maestro, Emissary and Medical Musician of the Brain Bliss Technology and Academy offering extraordinary experiential and educational products and services rooted in advanced neuroscience and parapsychology that accelerates and optimizes the human instrument to our birthright of bliss.

 Council Family of Angels who interface with her from 1000 light years away. Having been trained in ancient Hawaiian healing arts close to 3 decades ago and ordained by the advanced ocean technology of the Whale & Dolphin multidimensional consciousness her initiation spanned to aligning with the galactic frequencies of the Great Central Sun Diamond. . Her psycho-acoustic Light Sound dialect is a conductive, transformative cosmic energy she refers to as ‘Allumina Radiance’ or simply ‘Allumina’. Her vocals flow as a retuning, optimization essence through The Musical Mothership, the plasma nature we abide in, to the Mother heart of our music based DNA potential.

"Flo’s presence is pure bliss & unconditional love, so just having that drop into my inbox every week was a gift in and of itself. I so enjoyed learning more about our galactic family and really appreciated the way Flo acted as a connector to assist in accessing these beings to become more familiar with their frequencies. I feel much more confident in doing this work on my own and feel that I’ll be able to recognize which beings I’m communicating with more easily now. I also took advantage of the special offer for a one on one session, and wow was I blown away. Flo is such a clear channel and was able to dive right into my journey and where I am, without my even having to share much at all. He helped me to put pieces of my puzzle together that I had never told anyone and had actually forgotten about. It was such a powerful and empowering session and was just what I needed to catapult me into the next chapter.”

- Cara

"Flo Karuna is a humble person with a lot of love in his heart.

Everything he shares is easy to digest, the information is fascinating and deep. YOU ARE AN HONEST CONNECTOR." 

- Silvana

"Flo Karuna created such a loving, safe and heart centred space to transform. Even over zoom I felt in tune with his energy as he was speaking and could feel the shifts in my body during activations. He was also very present when I had emailed questions, nothing was overlooked or under-minded. I highly encourage all to take this course and surrender to your transformation.”


- Deanne 

download - 2023-11-07T214052.531.png
download - 2023-11-07T214052.531.png

Enter Mysteries of the Earth




What are the dates of the retreat?

The Wild Dolphins Retreat will be held December 1st to 4th.

We suggest arriving the day before in case there are any travel delays and so that you have time to get situated. Guests are welcome to add days before and/or after the retreat to enjoy exploring this beautiful part of the world.

Are Flights Included?

  • Flights are not included in the conference pricing. Guests are responsible for booking their own flight to and from the retreat.

  • You can fly into Puerto Vallarta (PVR) airport that has very affordable access from most of North America.

Is Lodging & Food Included?

Lodging and Food is not included and guests are responsible for booking their own accommodations.  It is recommended that guests stay if possible near the Marina area of Puerto Vallarta, where most of our launches into the ocean will occur!  The closest hotel to the Dolphin Launch is Westin Hotel Puerto Vallarta. We will connect everybody via a whatsapp group to arrange accommodations where we can possibly share together.

Do you have to know how to swim?

While swimming skills aren't required, you should be comfortable in the water as we will spend a lot of time in the Ocean. All guests will receive life vests and snorkelling goggles for each daily Wild Dolphin Swim!


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