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Pleiadian Conference 2024 - REPLAY

Pleiadian Conference 2024 - REPLAY


The Galactic Origins of Earth and how we as a species ended up inhabiting this planet is a vast and diverse story. So many civilizations, agendas, intentions, hopes and dreams have been inspired by this beautiful planet. One of the most notable interactions that have shaped our consciousness, genetics, world religions and indigenous wisdom is that of the Pleiades. 100s if not 1000's of cultures lost to time have mentioned their connection to this star system.

Stories of visitations, education, communication and consciousness are engraved in our ancient scriptures. The Ancient Greeks, Lakota, Cherokee, Apache, Maori Tribe of New Zealand, Aboriginal Australians, Aztecs, Inca, Egyptians & Sumerians are just a few who hold this star system in deep reverence. The Ancient Japanese tribes called The Pleiades, Subaru.

Why did so many civilizations speak about The Pleiades? What can we learn from some of these stories and how we extract truth out of these myths that were inspired by something greater.... a collective memory.

Join us for this cosmic gathering in which we will travel to this star system and explore the stories, messages and diversity of the beings that exist there and, most importantly, what does our connection mean for our future as we move closer to a post disclosure world. Tune in to amazing presenters who will bring in the energy from these beings and provide us insight and inspiration from The Pleiadians.


Connect to your Galactic Essence

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