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From the creators of the Pleiadian, Lyran Oracle & Starseed Conference

Contact with other Star Races is made possible when the human operates at a specific frequency and uses that to magnetize loving universal forces. Essentially  in our essence, we are all broadcasting outlets that have the capability of "reception" in order to receive communication and information from any place in the time and space continuum, via our consciousness.

What is then being called forth in our next evolutionary leap is to master our Energy Field in order to become these downloaders and uploaders of Universal Wisdom. 


This process can be achieved through many pathways, and we at Star Codes have developed a 7- week course to recalibrate your Energy Field,  Adjust your body to  Multi-Dimensional Living and learn about the Benevolent Star Races that are assisting humanity. Each week we will explore a different constellation and/or Species to Upgrade ourselves and grow through learning from these Universal Masters to empower ourselves.


Week 1 - The Arcturians - Unity

Week 2 - The Lyrans  - Masters of Magnetism

Week 3  -The Hathors - Sound Current

Week 4 -  Sirius  - Innocence

Week 5 -  Andromeda Galaxy -  The Quantum Field
Week 6 - The Pleiadians  - Unconditional Love

Week 7 - Galactic Councils
BONUS  Week 8 - Blue Avians 

Each Weekly Course goes through an Education Component,  The Impact of this Species with Humanity, Current Teachings from these Beings and finally the powerful Star Initiation via Light Language and Guided Meditation. Courses are accessed in the Star-Codes Database with convenient acessAll material is offline with unlimited access, so you are welcome to learn at your own pace, but we distance out the courses as one week is needed to integrate each race/teaching.  We have also now upgraded each section with readable PDF's in addition to video content.


This Course is for you if you are ready to step into your Universal Soul Memories, Upgrade your Energy Body, Learn about the various star races and their teachings and most importantly Enter into a Space of Self-Mastery to get your own Guidance, Wisdom and Downloads from our Living Universe. This is the Ultimate Frequency Upgrade and prepares the Human Body for Contact.

Course Also Includes The Arcturian, Lyran, SiriusPleiadian Conferences !!!

*valued at $166USD (more than price of course!)**

Join us for a transformative 7-week journey guided by Flo Karuna, the founder of Star Codes and the creator of the Pleiadian, Lyran, and Arcturian Oracles.

download - 2022-04-07T214409_edited.jpg

Through the 7 Star Initiations Course you will be guided to.

Find and Connect to your Star Origins
Reclaim the Star His/Herstory on Earth
Understand the Characteristics of Specific Star Races
Prepare your Multi-Dimensional Body for Contact
Open into Quantum Information to Recieve Knowledge Directly
Become a Galactic Ambassador, helping connect 
Universal Knowledge to our World.
.....and much more !


"It has been so wonderful, I feel so much closer to them and I can clearly feel them. It has unlocked other forms of light language that i'm able to clearly channel. On the day of the zoom session I took a few naps to process everything, and I had so many clear dream experiences. It's been such a great feeling being so connected. Thank you so much for your amazing energy and knowledge! "

- Lihini Rose

"The classes and activations are so powerful! I love it, it’s like bridging the Earth Medicine with the Star Medicine to create Heaven on Earth from both ends. Truly appreciate the work you do!" 
- Jen Steveson RMT

"All of them were so very uniquely powerful! The way in which you hold space and anchor light always leads to transformation and a shift In consciousness. Your Heart Is so pure and it shows through your work…..The visions and emotions that I experience are Out Of This World. I'm not sure about anyone else but every time that I attend, the beings come into my space and work on my energy Body while in the sessions. They literally just pop up In my room! 🤣🤣🤣. I also always have a burst of energy after the Sessions and experience powerful synchronicities before the Activations that confirms my multidimensional aspects. " 

- Cameron Curry

"I loved the experience. I really appreciated being able to watch the webinar links after the fact. The actual sessions were amazing. You were so informative and I could sense the energies and spirits with us. My gifts have increased significantly, and my contact with beings increased as well specifically the Pleiadians and Sirians. Thank you so much for the time and the information."

- Cindy

"This course is literally OUT OF THIS WORLD! We explored the sacred messages and significance of species from various star systems and planets. The information helped me expand to see the world from such a wider perspective, and the meditation activations initiated such powerful shifts in my DNA to connect me deeper with the cosmos. I felt so rejuvenated each time! I recommend these classes to those who are looking to elevate from isolated forms of human consciousness into Galactic awareness."

- Selena Moon

"This course you are facilitating continues to be most amazing! The journey I have traveled has included crystals and a profound connection with the earth and the sacred elements. I am processing at a very rapid rate the synchronicities and resonances occurring with all that you are presenting."

- Martha Hamilton 

"These activations are honestly blowing my mind. I go back and listen again and I receive new and different activations.. so special and so grateful!!"

- Rodina




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