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7 Week StarSeed Activation Course

7 Week StarSeed Activation Course


The ultimate starseed course to connect to your Star Origins. Recalibrate your Energy Field, Adjust your body to the Multi-Dimensional Living and learn about the Benevolent Star Races that are assisting humanity. Each week , we will explore a different constellation and/or Species to Upgrade ourselves through this incredible journey!


Week 1 - The Arcturians - Vision

Week 2 - The Lyrans - Masters of Magnetism

Week 3 - Sirius - InnocenceWeek 4 -The Hathors - Sound Current

Week 5 - Andromeda - Entering The Quantum Field

Week 6 - The Pleiadians - Unconditional Love

Week 7 - The Intergalactic Councils - Unity
+ Bonus Week of Blue Avians & Jewelwynns!


Incldues the Lyran & Arcturian Conference Replays valued at ($88USD)


Connect to your Galactic Essence

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