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Enter the Dragons is a deep dive exploration into the teachings of the Dragons, who are they, where they hail from and how to work with their frequencies in your life.

This 3 week online course will journey us into the the following 

- Underworlds of Earth 
- Exploration of Agartha
- Shambhala what is it?
- The Dragon Origins
- The Dragon Galactic Connections
- The Medicine & Teachings of this
Species & why they are so important
right now
- Dragon Embodiment in your life
- Working with the Dragon Medicine
& Much Much More

This will be a power packed course of Shamanic Tools fused with the Teachings of the Galactics to take us fully into the realm of the Dragons and infuse them into our daily lives. 

All content will be pre-recorded with unlimited access.




Flo Karuna is the founder of Star Codes and a cosmic ambassador for sacred knowledge. Gifted with ability to sense the subtle spiritual realms and communicate from a soul level, he has been anchored onto planet earth to serve as your guide, friend, and activator to the sacred codes and mastery you hold within yourself.  He has been referred to as a channel for Earth Consciousness and is passionate about sharing the new offerings that Unify the planet for the next 7 generations and beyond.

He is the creator of the. Pleiadian Oracle Deck, Lyran Oracle Deck, Masters of Light Ascended Group Board-game & the 7 Starseed Activation course on

His life has been dedicated to empowering others, the Teachings of Mother Earth, and connecting others to the Galactic Realms.

"Flo’s presence is pure bliss & unconditional love, so just having that drop into my inbox every week was a gift in and of itself. I so enjoyed learning more about our galactic family and really appreciated the way Flo acted as a connector to assist in accessing these beings to become more familiar with their frequencies. I feel much more confident in doing this work on my own and feel that I’ll be able to recognize which beings I’m communicating with more easily now. I also took advantage of the special offer for a one on one session, and wow was I blown away. Flo is such a clear channel and was able to dive right into my journey and where I am, without my even having to share much at all. He helped me to put pieces of my puzzle together that I had never told anyone and had actually forgotten about. It was such a powerful and empowering session and was just what I needed to catapult me into the next chapter.”

- Cara

"Flo Karuna is a humble person with a lot of love in his heart.

Everything he shares is easy to digest, the information is fascinating and deep. YOU ARE AN HONEST CONNECTOR." 

- Silvana

"Flo Karuna created such a loving, safe and heart centred space to transform. Even over zoom I felt in tune with his energy as he was speaking and could feel the shifts in my body during activations. He was also very present when I had emailed questions, nothing was overlooked or under-minded. I highly encourage all to take this course and surrender to your transformation.”


- Deanne 

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