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Mermaid, Scientist & Author of the Medical Musician

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Marissa StarSeeded

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It is time to remember our cosmic story. Let's unite a hear a diverse group of Messengers on the teachings and memories of the Mermaids.

$55 with unlimited viewing


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JJ Brighton

Mermaid Mahalia splashed out of the astral realm after being activated by the altruistic healing frequencies of the humpback Whales and spinner Dolphins in Hawaii nearly one decade ago. She is also a cosmic daughter and conductor of the Lyran High Council Family of Angels who interface with her from 1000 light years away. Having been trained in ancient Hawaiian healing arts close to 3 decades ago and ordained by the advanced ocean technology of the Whale & Dolphin multidimensional consciousness her initiation spanned to aligning with the galactic frequencies of the Great Central Sun Diamond. Mahalia swirls and stirs and sings with this collective unified field as a Solar Light Language for the application of ‘sound healing remedy’ in cases of severe trauma recovery. Her psycho-acoustic Light Sound dialect is a conductive, transformative cosmic energy she refers to as ‘Allumina Radiance’ or simply ‘Allumina’. Her vocals flow as a retuning, optimization essence through The Musical Mothership, the plasma nature we abide in, to the Mother heart of our music based DNA potential.


Mermaid Mahalia is the Scientist, Inventor, Teacher, Maestro, Emissary and Medical Musician of the Brain Bliss Technology and Academy offering extraordinary experiential and educational products and services rooted in advanced neuroscience and parapsychology that accelerates and optimizes the human instrument to our birthright of bliss.


Marissa is a meditation coach, ceremonialist, holistic healer and spiritual guide. A spiritual teacher for many years, she has woven different belief systems, scientific thought & ancient wisdom into her teachings. She believes that we must all individually and collectively return to our roots, return to the ancient teachings and ancient ways of being. She understands the importance of keeping our ancestors ceremonial traditions alive to elevate our connection to the self, our communities, the Earth and the Cosmos as a whole.She is devoted to being of service to Mother Earth & all her inhabitants to usher in a brighter future for the generations to come. Marissa has led ceremony all over the globe. She has witnessed countless miracles and manifestations of the divine in these spaces. Marissa has a passion for creating safe spaces for the exploration of one’s internal and external landscape. Whether this is during a 1:1 session, retreat, or group meditation, Marissa has mastered the art of guiding consciousness into elevated states of being.


Marissa is a certified Past-Life Regressionist and hypnotherapist and is dedicated to assisting others in embodying their fullest and highest potential. Through heart-centered awareness, she all in rising into the embodiment of their higher self.

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Arturo is a spiritual guide, holistic therapist, and writer. Early out-of-body experiences launched him into mysticism, leading him to master astral travel and tap into the Akashic Records. His life took a transformative turn after meeting Guru Dharmapa Rimpoché in 2010. Trading corporate life for spiritual pursuits, Kensho set up meditation centers in Mexico, the USA, and the Czech Republic. Merging daily life with spiritual depth, he emphasizes service, drawing insights from diverse traditions and personal encounters. Arturo now lives in Puerto Vallarta, guiding others through sound healing and shamanic experiences.

Althea Lucrezia Avanzo is a Light Language Channeler, Galactic Contact, Akashic & Psychic Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and Tarot & Divination Astrologer. Born in Milan, Italy, Althea has honed her skills and expertise through extensive travels and work across Italy, France, India, and New York, eventually settling in South Africa.

With a lifelong connection to psychic and intuitive insights, as well as prophetic dreams, Althea made the conscious decision to turn her talents into a career. Her specialty lies in Light Language, which she channels in various forms, including written, drawn, sung, spoken, and signed. Althea is also dedicated to timeline clearing, both on an individual and collective level, channeling higher dimensional frequency codes (5D and beyond) to raise the planetary frequency.

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Althea Lucrezia Avanzo

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Erin Lyons is multi-dimensional channel, light language healer, and spiritual ascension guide. She integrates the mystical with the practical to support her clients and community with actualizing their highest timeline reality. Her work can be described as cosmic, quantum, and shamanic ; blending various levels of light technology to assist the modern human in activating higher consciousness. It is her deepest soul passion to be of service to Gaia and the collective at this time as we walk each other back home into oneness, light, and truth.

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Rhiannon Okoye is a certified hypnotherapist, yoga teacher, healer, and retreat facilitator with over 10 years of experience. Her daily yoga practice led her to explore the world, sharing yoga, healing, and deepening her gifts and studies. She now facilitates transformative sessions and events that connect people to their hearts and through that connection, bridge the unseen.

Rhiannon's work is rooted in the belief that we are all capable of healing ourselves and creating the lives we want to live. She uses her skills as a hypnotherapist and healer to help people clear away blocks, release trauma, and connect with their true potential. She has helped hundreds of people find healing, peace, purpose, and magic.

Flo Karuna

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Flo Karuna is a planetary guardian and visionary creator who has dedicated his life to spiritual awakening and the empowerment of others. Flo's spiritual journey began with an instant awakening in a crowded downtown city street that opened him up to ethereal sensitivity and psychic powers overnight. As a messenger for the Great Spirit and a devoted servant of Mother Earth, he has travelled the world engaging in grid work, planetary service and working with ancient sites, honoring the ancestors before him from the earthly and universal perspective.


His natural ability to be plugged into the Akash has led to his creations such as the Pleiadian Oracle Deck, Lyran Oracle Deck, and Masters of Light Board-game, as well as the Upcoming Book Mermaids of Atlantis.


Flo is also the founder of, dedicating his life to empowering others and bring forth Galactic Knowledge into the collection. He is a down to earth soul, seeks to loosen up spirituality while integrating higher dimensional codecs into the earth realms in servitude to the New Earth.

Rhiannon Okoye is a certified hypnotherapist, yoga teacher, hChloe Ulis, also known as Selena in her mermaid persona, is a spiritual teacher, healer, magick practitioner, and professional artist. As a Pisces with a past lifetime in Atlantis, she finds solace in the water and is passionate about creative expression and supporting others in the pursuit of their dreams.

As an intuitive empath, Chloe possesses the gift of reading emotions and clearing mental, spiritual, and physical energy blockages. Her unique healing approach seamlessly merges Reiki, Ra Sheeba, singing & sound healing, crystal healing, psychic readings, shamanic past life readings, soul retrieval, EFT, and life coaching. Chloe holds professional certifications in all of these modalities. She offers spiritual courses in psychic development, manifestation, and magick. To discover more about her healing services and courses, visit:

Chloe is a professional artist and art coach with an art degree from Emily Carr University, a teaching degree from UBC, and she has been awarded six scholarships for her artistic endeavors. Her colourful paintings transport viewers to mermaid realms and spiritual dimensions. If you're interested in her high vibrational art please visit Chloe offers her art and services online, and from her studio in White Rock, B.C, Canada. 


Join us to gather and remember the way of the Mermaids this January 20th 2024. 

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