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Enter the Galactic Age

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The Future Starseed
School & Sanctuary

The next step for Star Codes is to build an

incredible Starseed School & Sanctuary to serve

this current generation and all the future beings of earth.

We are at a pivotal time where humanity needs to

make a transition to sustainability and living in

oneness with the planet.

Thanks to blessings of spirit and following our intuition,

we have been led to an incredible 88 acre property situated

in the Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. This property

includes ready to go buildings, fertile soul and an abundance

of glacier fed natural water streams throughout the land. 

The area is situated in an absolutely high dimensional

portal with the majority of the views on the property

containing mountain vistas that overlook one of the few

fresh water lakes left on our planet!

The water on this property is absolutely next level, and you can 

feel it's vibration in the palm of your hands, each

time you hold a cup of it!

We aim to purchase this property and make it as

a starseed school, temple and sanctuary for students, travellers,

and beings committed to a harmonious way of living with earth. This 

vision entails a content creation media studio, starseed temple, and various

domes through out the land to accommodate travellers
and long term residents.

We are now seeking a HERO and ANGEL INVESTOR to back this 

project, and give our international community of over

98k Starseeds, a sanctuary and future retreat center to

co-create a lasting project that will serve generations

for years to come!

Needed investment $500k USD to make this dream come true!!

If you are this angel, we would love to talk, collaborate

and change the world!!

Please email us at to discuss

more or contact form below :)

Thanks for submitting!

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