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Dolphins & Whales Conference

Dolphins & Whales Conference


Access our incredible Dolphin & Whales Conference from 2023


We hear stories of dolphins and whales arriving from other star systems. What is the truth behind this? What are the messages they have for us? And what does this mean for humanity’s evolution.

In this never created online experience we will explore the energy of dolphins and whales on a deep and esoteric level. Join 9 luminaries as they share their passion and connection to the Dolphin & Whales energy.

Presentations by Eric Rankin, Anne Gordon, Anna Breytenbach, Laurie Wheeler, Alan Steinfeld, Donna Kassewitz, Peter Sterling, Nadi Hana & Mermaid Mahalia

Hosted by Star Codes & Portal to Ascension 


Connect to your Galactic Essence

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