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The Dragons Conference Video

The Dragons Conference Video


The spirit of the dragons is deeply rooted in various cultures and mythologies, especially in East and Southeast Asia. Dragons possess a highly developed consciousness that is connected to the natural world and the cosmic forces of the universe. According to some spiritual traditions, dragons are considered to be celestial beings, with a direct connection to the divine and a higher level of consciousness that transcends physical reality.

The ancient wisdom of the dragons has been passed down through generations, dating back to the earliest times of human history. In some cultures, dragons are associated with creation myths and are believed to have played a role in shaping the world and the natural order.

Join us as we delve deep into the mystical realm of cosmic dragons and unlock their power and our ancestral connection to them. This transformative course offers a unique opportunity to tap into the energy of dragons and ignite personal transformation. We will also explore their ancient history, who are they and what role do the beings have with Earth humans at this time Embark on a journey of self and cosmic discovery as we explore wisdom, healing energy, and our transformative potential.


Connect to your Galactic Essence

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